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    Working with Flash content in XML template


      My knowledge base of html and DWCS3 is limited. My knowledge of Flash CS3 is better and have built a web site using it.

      This is a newbie DW question. Am working on an XML template, which contained the following folders:

      site_flash folder containing:  main_v8.swf, tfile_main.xml, style.css, index (firefox doc) (+gallery stuff)

      flash folder containing: main_v8.swf, main_v8.fla, tfile_main.xml, AC_RunActiveContent (JSS file) (+gallery stuff)

      I was told by the template people to use the site_flash folder but there are no visuals (Design views), to work with and could not access Flash through DW to alter the files in Flash. When I can get a Design view in DW, all I get is the f symbol. In all the tutorials I've watched on DW, there is a Design view to work with.

      SO, I used the flash folder and adjusted the main layout in the .fla file to suit my needs, and worked on the tfile_main.xml document in DW and they seemed to be 'talking' as my changes were recognized. When I test the file from either Flash or DW, it is perfect. But when I run it from my test folder through the server, the page formatting is off (page pushed down, menu buttons squashed, etc). There is no style.css sheet in the flash folder.

      Am willing to go back and start over with the site_flash folder with CSS page if this will resolve things, but don’t know how to edit the flash layout through DW. I need a Design view…am very weak in the html side of things.


      Test run:  http://www.mackenziemode.com.au/test.html


      Any advice you can give would be helpful.

      The Not-feeling-so-Handy Ma'am