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    Latest Adobe Reader update deleted all files from my desktop - help please!


      Dear all!


      Yesterday I opened up a .pdf document with Adobe Reader. I clicked the Help | Check for Updates option. The reader informed me that there was an update available. I then disabled my antivirus (as is recommended). I selected the available update by checking the box next to it. I then clicked the Download option.


      The update began to download. At that moment I noticed that the .pdf document was still open (i.e. Adobe Reader was still running). Knowing that the installation, when it begins, tends to notify me that it must close Adobe Reader in order for the installation to continue, I decided to close Adobe Reader myself before being prompted to do so. All was fine until that moment, as the update download and install runs in a completely separate process from the Reader, it was not affected.


      After I closed the Reader, with the update still running I noticed that all files I had on my desktop were gone. None of the folders were missing, just the single files and most of my shortcuts. I checked to see if the files were just invisible or phisically missing. It was the latter. Windows Explorer showed that all files I had on my desktop were gone (deleted/overwritten I guess). A search of my computer for the file names came up empty, even though I was searching with the "search hidden and system files" options enabled!


      I tried a number of deleted file restoration softwares but none have identified the desktop files I was missing.


      Be so kind as to spare me from the "did you check the power cord" category of "answers", as I am not a complete idiot. The Acrobat Update, or something associated with it has to be at the root of this problem, as the antivirus software I have installed came up empty when I searched the computer for virurses, worms and the likes...


      All help on this matter would be appreciated. Needless to say, most of my current work was stored on the desktop...


      I am running WindowsXP sp. 3, Acrobat Reader 9.34


      With regards


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          IDIOT FLEX.


          You might blame I'm new but it isn't user's friendly at all.


          See, I create a new project on desktop, with a folder to store everything.


          Then while deleting the folder and the content, everything in desktop gone. I can't even recover it from recycle bin. Anyone work with dreamweaver before would know this certainly isn't the way.


          STUPID FLEX where it expect everyone is the master of flex.


          I rather hope it's a bug.


          While searching through net, so many caught with the same problem.


          Yes to those dude talking about backup and restore, downloading the undelete program - it is the after math solution.....but on the first place, this shouldn't be how a program works. Adobe seem don't bother. I too saw in the net AIR did the same stupid work.



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            pwillener Level 8

            Please ignore the previous unrelated reply - I will deal with it separately.


            I must first say that this is a very puzzling problem, and that I have never heard of anything like it.  Apart from the missing desktop content, it also puzzles me that you state your Adobe Reader version as 9.34, when the latest Reader version is actually 9.3.2.


            Anyway, how to solve it?  Can I assume that you do not have a very recent backup, from where you can simply restore all the lost content?


            I do not know if your desktop content is really gone (deleted), or if it is somehow just not visible.  There are a few things we can try, but I strongly suggest that you make a full backup of your system before you try anything!


            Since I have never seen this before, I cannot make any definitive recommendations, but just suggest what I would do if that happened on my computer.  Again, not before making a full backup.


            1. Uninstall Adobe Reader.
            2. System Restore to a time before the problem started.
            3. Check the following registry keys, if they have a value 'NoDesktop', and what it is set to
              • HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\Explorer
              • HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\Explorer


            If you are on XP Pro, you can use gpedit.msc to check these settings (Configuration | Administrative Templates | Desktop ["Hide and disable all items on the desktop"]).



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              pwillener Level 8

              Junior_Adobe wrote:


              IDIOT FLEX.






              Please do not hijack other peoples' topics with completely unrelated rants!


              If you need help with something, start a new topic in the appropriate forum, then state all facts, including your operating system, product version, and exactly what you need help with.

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                I know this is old thread but have to stress that it can really happen. Should we backup before

                any Acrobat Reader update?


                Tommorow I have removed Acrobat Reader 4.0 (dont know how it appears) and also Reader 9.4.

                Downloaded new Acrobat Reader 9.4 Czech and installed on Windows XP SP3 Czech.


                Then opened PDF file from desktop to test it - ok, changed preferences not to update and close.

                Second test open, file - exit and ... HELL!!


                Something has deleted almost all files on desktop except about 6 shortcuts to programs.

                Probably they were on All users profile.


                Rest of desktop files (about 20) were deleted without any sign of existence (no trash, no search).

                The rest left was not in any "line" so it was not possible to somehow accidentaly select those

                deleted files and then delete them.


                Could this be, that installation is cleaning temporary files behind but something screwed up

                temp files location/used variable and it deletes all desktop files instead? It looks like that.



                Pavel Kloud