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    swf useless when moved to server - Please help


      I publish test.swf and test.html to mydoc folder on my local computer.  Mydoc folder also contains the test.flv that was imported to the flash to create the swf and html. Open any of them in the mydoc folder and they work fine, move the swf or html files to another folder and they work.  Move the flv file,even keeping it with the other files, and they don't work.  The main problem is that the swf will not work after uploading all to the same folder on the web server.  Any help will be greatly apprecitated.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You may be missing a javascript file that is usually tied to the html page these days.  You will find it linked in the html head section if it is involved.

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            rabert1 Level 1

            I don't know.  If I email the two files, swf and the flv, to my wife's laptop, they won't work.  I emailed her two other files, another swf created by someone else and the accompanying flv, and that swf opens and plays the flv if you double click it.  I guess my question straight out is, do I need to make the swf portable during/before publishing? The swf seems to only look for the source flv in the folder/directory that I first publish it to, instead of the relative/same folder, and I don't think that I can publish it straight to my server which I think would work.  I have to publish it to a predetemined folder on my desktop, then ftp the files to the server directory which then leaves it inop. Any ideas?