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    how do i go about this, turning things to black



      if this is the wrong place to post this i am sorry.

      I need some help.i am doing a project for school and i need to be able to touch something and turn it black in the video. i am not very ae savy so in lamens terms would be greatly appreciated. and also if i were to walk the down the hall i want the walls to turn black. and when i do a shot of my feet every time i step i would want some type of black effect. i dont want  like turns on black like a filling up a water bottle kinda effect but with an object.and how do you make a effect like particles playground to run off the top of the objectand run down the side like a trash can? i know how to get around in ae thats about it. any help will be greatly appreciated


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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          You can change colors with several of the effects in the Color Correction category. You can selectively apply effects to only a portion of an image in a few ways; one is to apply the effect to an adjustment layer with animated masks on it. Creating the animated masks will be done with a kind of rotoscoping.


          None of this is going to be fast and easy if you don't already know the basics. You must learn the basics.


          If you're just getting started, then I strongly recommend that you start here.

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            djtjramz Level 1

            thank you for your help.. but i actually figured it out by searching google. what i did was made a shape layer and using the pen tool i drew out each face of an object like a side of a wall or a  side of a table etc. then i got a black solid and  made thata  track matte alpha. then i put the cc particles system effect. and bingo... thank you for your help todd. now i must find out how to do the same effect if i were to walk down a hall or touch and pull open a door. i know it involves tracking and i know how to track, i dont know how to apply it to shape layer though.