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    Coding help w/ CC email on a livecycle form


      After reviewing this forum for hours last year I was able to get my form to work to email to a specific to address from the form data with a prescribed subject and body. However, I was never able to get the cc function to work.


      Here's my code that currently works just fine (with a few changes for privacy). I want to add a cc: function to fixed email address (me@mycollege.edu). I have limited knowledge about coding so as specific as you can be is much appreciated.





                  <font typeface="Myriad Pro"/>



                        <text>Request Approved</text>


                     <para hAlign="center" vAlign="middle"/>

                     <font typeface="Myriad Pro"/>


                  <border hand="right">

                     <?templateDesigner StyleID apbx2?>

                     <edge cap="butt" stroke="raised"/>


                        <color value="212,208,200"/>



                  <bind match="none"/>

                  <event activity="click">

                     <script contentType="application/x-javascript">event.target.submitForm({cURL:"mailto:"+ Email.rawValue +"?subject="+Student.rawValue +"'s Override Request for "+Course.rawValue +" Approved  &amp;body=Your request to enroll in "+Course.rawValue +" has been approved. An electronic override has been issued for you. Please note that this approval/override DOES NOT enroll you in the course automatically. You are responsible for logging into myBanner and adding this course to your schedule. If you are experiencing registration issues, please review this website for more information first: http://www.xxxxxxxxx.edu. If you need further assistance, please contact the Registrar's office at 123-456-7890.",cSubmitAs:"PDF",cCharset:"utf-8"});</script>



               <field h="6mm" name="Button2" w="28.6851mm" x="172.7175mm" y="268.9341mm">