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    Need to render titles evertime project is opened

    Craig in Egypt



      Just a quick question on rendering titles. If I save a project file where all the titles are rendered, can anybody tell why when I open it again there are red lines (need to render) over all the titles in the project?





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          nealeh Level 5

          Are you sure the work bar area covered the whole project before you rendered and saved?


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            Craig in Egypt Level 1

            Hey Neale


            Yes I am sure because I had just finished working on the titles. There wasn't a red line in sight! It happens all the time in the project I am working on. It's all rendered when I save but when I open all of the titles need rendering again. :-( It's driving me nuts.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              First, Rendering is just to smooth playback, and plays no role in anything else. Unless I am doing a lot of Keyframing, I seldom Render, regardless of the amount of red lines, and when I do, I'll use the WAB for ONLY that Keyframed area, so that I can check that smoothly.


              Now, the Render files are .AVI's, stored where Scratch Disks have been located. They are linked in the Project file (PREL), and if they are Deleted, Moved, Renamed, or their location has been otherwise changed, PrE cannot access them, and the red lines will come back. I've not heard of the Render files disappearing, unless the user has done one of the above, but it could be that PrE is loosing the links for some other reason.


              Also, I have seen issues, where Windows Indexing was turned on. It tries to survey every file on the system. With AV files, and the working files for PrE, it cannot gather any useful data, but will continue to try, locking the file, as it works, trying over and over. These files are large, and Indexing will take a very long time, and will start the instant that the file is changed in any way - as it happens with large working files. If a working file, or any type, is locked, PrE cannot use it. If it's a CFA (Conformed) file, or a PEK, then PrE will just recreate it with another, similar name, so that it can work.


              I turn OFF all Indexing for all HDD's and all folders. This is done from the HDD's Properties panel.


              Also remember, any change, however small, will give you the red line again. Change anything, and it comes back.


              Good luck, and hope that something else is not going on,



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                Craig in Egypt Level 1

                Thanks Bill.


                Ok I think I may have solved this problem and it was caused by two things as far as I can see. I'll know more today when I work more on this project.'s titles. So I suppose this is "how I think I may solved the problem"! :-)


                Firstly - there was a file location problem in the Scratch Disks. Somehow during my initial attempts to set up and understand PrE I had changed these to a custom location.


                Secondly - my titles were created in a strange way. I have only just learnt how to create them from the 'Project Media' window, thus allowing me to create my titles independantly of each other (not using cut and paste within the timeline to create a clone - so that when you change one aspect of a title, the same change occurs on all the others too).

                So what I see so far is this. The titles that are present in the 'Project Media' window stay rendered when the project is opened. The old titles (that are not present in the 'Project Media' window) still need rendering when the project is opened.


                Hope this makes sense?


                More soon.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Yes, Titles appear two places: the Project Panel, and then instances of those Titles in the Timeline. For unique Titles, you will need one of each in the Project Panel, but can have any number of instances of those in the Timeline. They are linked back to the Title in the Project Panel. What this means is that if you have same Title_01, and have used it 10 times in the timeline ("Meanwhile back at the pyramid") would be an example, and decide that they should all read "Meanwhile back at the Sphinx," you just need to make that change once and all of the instances will update to reflect that change. Now, if you want both, you would need to create a new Title with the other text, and then use as many instances of it, as is required. PrPro's Titler has one neat feature, a little icon, "Based on Existing Title," that will create another similar unique Title, based on the one in the Titler Panel. You will assign a name to that new one, and it will start as a perfect clone of the one you are basing on. Then, when you make changes to it, the do NOT affect any instance of the first Title, but will provide the same formatting, Styles, etc.. I use this "one-click" function all of the time. I also will Save as Template, any Title that I anticipate needing in other Projects, so I can load those, across all Projects, and base my new Title on the formatting and Styles. Not positive of exactly how PrE might differ here. Help, or others can direct you.


                  As Titles need to be Rendered for the smoothest playback, every time that you make a change, all instances of that Title will require Rendering again. Also, just adding a Title over fully Rendered footage, will then give you a red line, and you would need to Render all over, as PrE looks at all Clips/Titles on that part of the Timeline as a composite - one change will affect all of the Clips in that "composite."


                  Hope that this helps, and sorry that I do not know all of the in-n-outs of PrE's Titler, but just do not use it all that much. Others will know and can give you tips.



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                    Craig in Egypt Level 1

                    Hey Bill


                    Thanks for the information. Much appreciated.

                    Well I have to say that I thought I had solved this problem but it's now got the better of me. I'm beginning to wonder if there's something signiciantly wrong with the project, how it was set up initially and subsequently changed. Maybe I should start with a new project: create my titles correctly from the beginning and leave my settings for the rendered file locations as default. See how I get on then.


                    At the time of writing I can see that the file for Video previews contains the AVI files that I have just rendered. I render another title, another AVI is added to the file. Great so they are being rendered correctly and saved in the location stated in the Video Preview file location and no red lines. I save the project. Then open it again....RED LINES over the titles that have AVI files in the preview location. So why the hell is PrE not looking there for them? What is happening when the project opens to make a modification to the titles?


                    Can you tell me the relationship between the Media Cache location and the Preview Files for rendered files?


                    Also, even after a re-install, ORGANIZER will not open. It tries to open, flashes the ORGANIZER screen for 2 seconds, the PC beeps and then the ORGANIZER window closes.

                    Any ideas before I just throw this whole thing away, switch on my Mac and buy Final Cut pro to accompany Logic Pro and Soundtrack Pro! ;-)



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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Craig, I'm not sure why you're having these problems. Many are unique -- which seems to indicate a problem at your end, either

                      with your system or your internet connection.


                      You may well find more success with an iMac and Final Cut. Although Macs, too, require almost weekly updating, so there's so substitute for a good internet connection and an up to date system.