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    Camera Profiles in CS3 Camera Raw 4.6


      I've had a major computer failure and had to buy a new one.

      I loaded PS CS3 again, did the upgarde which seems to have been  sucessful and now have Camera Raw 4.6, but when I go to look at the  camera profiles it only shows ACR 4.4, ACR 3.6, none of the camera  profiles are visable nor is the option for Adobe standard which I had  before.

      I've gone to the Adobe web site to download the latest Camera Raw, which  for CS3 is 4.6, which I already have.

      I downloaded the Beta versions of the camera profiles from Adobe labs a  few years back and everything worked fine. My new computer doesn't have  the connections to enable me to run my old hard drive (yet) which has  the camera profiles download on it otherwise I would have loaded them up  again.

      Am I doing something wrong?
      Any suggestions gratefully received.