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    Multi Page Form with Email Function




      I am new to creating forms with Acrobat, but I have to find a solution for the following challenge:


      I have to create a PDF wform with the following characteristics.

      • a multi page document
        • one cover page (first master page)
        • n following pages (second master page)
      • as soon as page two has been filled, and the page is full, an auotmatically page break should happen- the new page has to be based on masterpage 2
      • on each masterpage 2 - page I need an "Email"- Button. With this button only the current page should be send as a pdf via local email client
        • may be a script with the following function will work
          1. print current page and save on local harddisk on C:\temp\2010-02-28pageXXX.pdf
          2. attach file C:\temp\2010-02-28pageXXX.pdf to new email


      Could anyone support me with any hints, if the described scenario will work or if there are any examples out there in which such a scenario has been set up.


      By the way - I am able to use Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 and the Lifecycle Designer


      Best regards