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    Error 2 when installing Fireworks CS4 Trial?

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      Hey, I keep getting the Error: Error 2 when ever I try to install Fireworks CS4 Trial, downloaded from Adobe.


      Installing: Adobe Fireworks CS4

      Adobe Exstention Manager CS4


      After its pretty much done, it say's finished but with Error's, hit view info, and I keep getting Error 2.

      Tried dowloading the trial from other sites, and that still doesnt work.

      All my Adobe products of CS3 have been uninstalled.


      Problem help?

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          Andy Jones

          I get exactly the same problem.  I'm just migrating to a Mac so expected this to just work.  No answers anywhere else on the web.  Initially I got taken through the properties on fonts but having sorted that there's still an issue.


          Someone please help...

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            Andy Jones Level 1

            As an update to this...


            There is no update!  Does anyone have a fix?  I'm getting desperate...

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              Linda Nicholls Level 4

              I found the fololowing two messages in an archive. They are worth a try. "Try rebooting from a System CD and then running Disk Utilities'  Disk First Aid to repair any permissions that may have gotten changed in  updating the OS or other operations." and "Please install the Fireworks CS4 update and then try again.http://www.adobe.com/support/fireworks/downloads_updaters.html"

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                Andy Jones Level 1

                Hi Linda,


                Thanks for these.  Ran through the disk permissions check and it found a load of font permissions changed.  Repaired them, uninstalled and rebooted and tried to reinstall. Incidentally, the font permissions went back to what they were before they were repaired.  Same issue as before - error:2.  I also tried the update but that didn't work as Fireworks isn't installed.


                Any other ideas?

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                  Andy Jones Level 1

                  Fixed it!  Yay


                  I've got to say - I owe it all to a guy called Justducky on macosx.com.  Still, here's the story.  After search around I found his post about a similar problem with Dreamweaver.  He dug, and delved and worked on permissions etc but nothing worked.


                  Finally he got down to the solution:


                  1. Uninstall everything Adobe.  I mean everything.  AIR, flashplayers if you can.  Everything.  Delete .plist and .pref files that have adobe in the name (carefully).
                  2. Create a new account that has admin privileges (not convinced this was necessary but don't know Macs enough to confirm)
                  3. Safe Boot and log into the new account
                  4. Install Fireworks.


                  And there you go, it works.  Simple eh?  As an extra precaution when installing Fireworks I only did the bear minimum.  I didn't install Air, Media Player, Bridge etc.  I have done now and they work.


                  You can read the full account of JustDucky's journey here


                  Hope this works for you too!