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    Fileflex database problem

      Hi folks, one of our users is having difficulty with our application which uses a FileFlex database. He is getting error -140: File read error when attempting to write to a large table ("RESPONSE.DBF"). On further investigation I have found fileflex's DBCount() function is returning a record count of -955 for this table, and the fileflex DBWriteRec() function is in turn using this value to attempt to write to the table, causing the error. There are actually about 64,000 records in the table, so I can't think why it is returning a negative number unless the table is corrupted.

      The user thinks the error may be down to the table reaching maximum file size, as it appears to have done it more than once at the same size (c 21MB ). This sounds plausible, however deleting records does not resolve the problem.

      Is there a maximum size for FileFlex 3 database files? I did a quick Google and dBase 2 appears to have a similar maximum size of 65,000 records; no such figures exist for FileFlex but they intimate it is based on FoxPro (or at least FoxPro compatible) which would suggest a maximum size of ~2 GB.

      I would be very grateful for your advice.