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    Fireworks Rollover Works in Preview but Not In Dreamweaver




      I have created a rollover image in fireworks, which works in the preview option on fireworks.


      I have exported it as : html & images, exporting slices.


      This works when I open it straight from the file BUT when I try pasting it into dreamweaver (insert -> image: fireworks html) the box where the rollover image appears but with a cross in it.


      I have also tried copying the html from fireworks into dreamweaver but this doesn't work.


      When I try this the image appears and the link works BUT the rollover doesn't?


      This is the code I use:


      <a href="www.whereartyou.co.uk/reviews/evahesse" onmouseout="MM_swapImgRestore()" onmouseover="MM_swapImage('Page1','','<img src="images/Page 1_f2.gif" width="400" height="310" />',1)"><img name="Page1" src="file:///C|/where art you/images/Page%201.gif" width="400" height="310" border="0" id="Page1" alt="" /></a>


      Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.