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    clearing palette


      Working with Illustrator 9.  I now find some rectangular forms from a prior project appearing in every new file.  Seeking gudance on how to clear this.

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          You are perhaps referring to the symbols palette or and or the graphic styles palette or even the swatch palette?


          If so then you probably opened the startup file and added the those items to the palettes and then saved th start up file with themactive.


          In your AI application folder there are files called start up or something of that nature one for rgb and one for cmyk. Open those files and see if you see these items if so delete them and save the files. Make certain they are save to the same location and overwrite the previous version of the file. now close the documents and launch AI. Do not however use the start up files to open AI use the application icon or an alias of it.

          If you change the start up files they will effect each and every new document so leave them alone unless you deliberately want to influence every new document in a particular way.

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            dcacrobat Level 1



               I have created three projects to evaluate some text effects.  I do not know how I possibly could have gotten into a startup folder.  All of my adobe applications were installed to a drive other than the standard "C" drive.  Additionally, I find that on this "E" drive there are folders for Go Live, Live Motion, and Photoshop but not Illustrator.  I have examined the features of the gradient tool and the outlining of text. 


               Either way I may have to reinstall unless there is some additional guidance on how to find "Start up"  A standard search was performed before sending this correspondence

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              This video will tell yu how to locate it


              http://www.doityourself.com/video/Adobe-Illustrator-CS2---How-to-Utilize-Illustrator-Start up-Documents-86622845


              now I think it was the same for Version 9 as it is for CS 2 if not it is like it was for version 8 in which case I believe it was a layer up and simply in the Adobe Illustrator folder so it should be either in the Adobe Illustrator folder or in the Plug iNs folder which is in the Adobe Illustrator folder.


              All at the same location you installed illustrator so a search for Adobe Illustrator should get you there.


              As you can tell from the tutorial this is probably what happened.

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                Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Illustrator 8 used a startup file that was located in the Plug-Ins folder in the install folder on your harddisk. I think this was the same all the way up to CS2.