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    Matlab 2009b and Photoshop CS4 - 64 Bit

    Royi A Level 1

      Today I installed Win 7 64 bit.
      On the 32 bit I used to integrate Photoshop with Matlab as specified here:
      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Photoshop/11.0/WS62AB0C24-121F-401c-9097-ABCE350A075 Ba.html


      Today I tried doing it with the 64 Bit versions of the software (Both Matlab and Photoshop) yet with no success.
      Tried to integrate Matlab to the 32 Bit version of Photoshop, still no success.


      Th Error I get is (Running "testall" to verify integration):

      Harness / mfile version: 11
      Harness date: 21-Feb-2007
      28-Feb-2010 18:50:43
      ??? Error using ==> loadlibrary at 281
      Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 or 2008 is required to use this feature.
      Error in ==> psjavascriptu at 22
          loadlibrary([libPath ['psmatlab' libExt]], [libPath 'psmatlab.h']);
      Error in ==> testall at 43
      pslogit(['App name: ' psjavascriptu('app.name')], psdisplay, pslog,


      Anyone with an idea?
      Has anyone succeeded integrating the 2 using the 64 Bit versions?