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    I cannot keep elements 8 from eating up my free disk space.....


      I have deleted so much info from my 109 GB HD and have moved over tons of material to a flash drive. I have 50 GB of video in avi format that I am editing in the project. As I work within the program, multiple Gigs just dissapear. Is it the creation of peak files for all that video space? It seems like the program just keeps creating more and more files until it is gone. Where is it putting these peak files? I used windirstat to find 30 gigs of adobe files that I deleted but I know this space will soon be magically gone while working in the program.


      Last night I lost 4 gigs while just looking at stuff in my organizer. I saved nothing. I created nothing. The only thing that was active was the creation of peak files for almost everything in the media box to the right, within my project.

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          The CFA and PEK files are stored in the Media Cache for your Project, where you directed the Scratch Disks. The CFA's are very large WAV files, and the PEK's are tiny. Along with these, there are many working files, that PrE needs. The "cure" is to have more HDD space.


          Also, your Windows Virtual Memory file (Page File) will grow, as you work in PrE (or any resource-intensive app.), and this can grow very large. I manage my Page File statically, so that I know the size, and so that it will be located at the same spot when I boot-up.


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