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    My External Editor is Not Working!


      I have CS3 and Fireworks CS3, recently upgraded from Macromedia 8 suite.  Now when I try to access Fireworks CS3 from DW I get an error message.


      I did check the preferences panel to make sure that I've specified Fireworks as the primary editor with the types of files I need.  But the pencil button on the properties panel won't launch anything. 


      The error message says its looking for the Fireworks 8 program, not the new version even though I correctly pathed the new version in the prefs panel.  It also says there may not be enough memory to launch, but I have 2gb, and the Task Manager panel shows I have 1.4 GB available.


      What am I missing? 

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          Thanks for the quick reply.  I tried your suggestion, and found that FW CS3 was assigned to all image suffiixs, but not to video or audio suffixs.  I assume that you don't have to assign FW to those, right? At any rate, that didn't work.  But now I know to check this.


          BTW, your website is beautiful, a great selection of colors and images.  Very soothing color palette.  I enjoyed your site, something I can't say of many of the noisy and garrish sites I see out there.


          Thanks for your help.  I think I'll try to re-install and see what happens.