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      Hello iv been using FW for over 8 years. You can discover my works at 3AKIS.COM (all works made in FW). And i really love it for it's great user interface and ability to create quick and nice work. In general i take 45mins-2 hours to create wonderful design. Comparing with Photoshop where similar type of work takes me 2x longer. BUT. Since my creativity grows faster than Adobe`s developing team  since FW bought from macromedia it gots too slow.  Here is the list of futures i think most of us Fireworkers would like to have.

      1. Improved transform tools. Warp, Mesh tool is essential for great work. More steps for rotation. It is really difficult to align objects in the pictures (rotation step is too wide).
      2. Ability to import PS brushes.
      3. Adjustment Layers
      4. Improved quality for custom Stroke. Pressure sensitivity
      5. 3D rotate
      6. Filters -> Ability to save settings. For example Level changes (there is no save, reset button).
      7. More accurate pen STEP tool. Now it jumps for 1pixel.
      8. More accurate strokes. For example if i draw box with a stroke. Make it outside object (somewhy only then it looks clear). But if you select points with the mouse and move them using arrow keys its ok. But if u’ll do that on the screen, it gets blur.
      9. Fully working PS Blending modes. Right now Gradient tool doesn’t have color selection.
      10. Color change tool, could have alpha.
      11. Library, benefits: Generator of lightings or some other fashioned stuff in nova days could be very nice.


      Now the futures of CS4 which i didn’t find an use.
      1. Double BOLD, ITALIC selections <- that’s the main problem when i open 1-2year files made in previous versions.
      2. Double Feather selections in marquee tool properties, and over menu Selection
      3. Installation file is huge. If I am not wrong FW4 was only 80mb.


      Next thing i never met any other fireworker. Everyone is working with PS. So integrity between those two programs is essential.

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          Cristi Marin

          I agree with you all the way, the few new features that came with fw cs4 were straight from PS and they seem developed in a rush. An you pointed out very well the double bold feature and also gradient tool. What's the point if you open a psd file , you have the gradient option in the live filters menu but you can't edit them. And i also think that the most important features in the next version would be mesh tool, adjustment layers, ps brushes, the accurate pen tool as in Illustrator andimproved compatibility with PS and illustrator. At the moment you can't export .ai properly and .eps unexistent.


          PS: i also work entierly in FW for all my graphic design projects, i love the workflow in fireweros which is far supreme from PS. You can view some of my works at http://dshockdesign.carbonmade.com/

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            Michel Bozgounov Level 2

            Please meet another Fireworker -- I almost never touch Ps!


            About your enhancement ideas -- most of them are really very good!


            Please, send them via this form:



            The Fireworks Team will directly receive them!


            Since the #csbuzz started, though, I guess Fireworks CS5 is coming very soon, so it's too late to ask for enhacements now... On the other hand, if you send your message with the list now, your ideas may be considered for next major version of Fireworks, so do so!



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              Bokstas Level 1

              Thank you guys, Yes i have submitted wanted futures to Fireworks team, i hope they won’t ignore  it due to my broken English.


              Also i remember my old conversation with other fellow designer about all Adobe programs packs in general. He works only with PS.

              Why not to create single shortcut pack for all Adobe programs?

              For example. FW ctr+v (paste) works as PASTE IN PLACE. In illustrator i get that function over pressing Ctr+F. In adobe Flash Ctrl+shift+v.

              Why not to make it optimally same and simple shortcut pack? Same thing is for controlling things like gradient (in AE it's even called RAMP:) something differently, sorry if I’m wrong I’m not English)..

              Layer Creation (FW-ctrl+c->v, PS cntrl+j, AI-cntrl+v, AE cntrl-d). Im not speaking about same things like gradient creation and etc.. the thing like is the same, but in all programs it works like some new discovery.


              That’s a business an issue for some other companies like Corel which could create one single program, which could play with vectors and bitmaps very well in one peace, and believe me. Everyone will go for it, once its launched! And if the price will be half of adobe suite..


              The situation reminds me times like in mobile industry, we had lots of grand manufacturers like Sony, Nokia. Who had all technology, but were selling it buy small parts-profits just running behind profit. But once Apple launched its iphone, everyone get almost to bankrupt level. I promise, if the Adobe wont change their strategy, they will get to the same point like this companies. None of their program is genius. Yes you can work with PS, FW or any other, yes it can do a lot. But in general, though runs much faster than their technology development. It always contains bugs, and some futures wanted.


              The other way try to touch music programs. If you have been playing with some music software like Frooty loops (FL9 studio) and Reason from Propelerhead. In there is an option called Slave. When u do open FL9. Inside it you can slave REASON (made by other manufacturer) and play its interface an instruments...

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                Cristi Marin Level 1

                I understand where you're going , and yes i agree with you. Adobe's compatibility is low with other software and ridiculously low with it's own software packs. I'm always getting frustrated when i have some vector graphics done in FW and try to export to AI...big mistake, illustrator messes up the gradients, doesn't support opacity and also the blend modes. As a matter of fact, illustrator is not the problem in this case, Fireworks is because it's export compatibility is low, and also the way it creates gradients (with elipse gradient has two lines from which you guide the shape the elipse, ai has a weird rectangular shape with a black scrubber in it).


                Anyway i hope that the guys from the fireworks develop team really take our requests in consideration for the cs5, because these problems/requests have been posted on the internet many times on all the graphic design forums.

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                  Bokstas Level 1

                  Probably one file type, one program could be a great save, for milions spent over supporting for 10s programs. 100 different developers, 1000 marketing compaigns.

                  Single program could be PS+FW+AI+PDF and so on
                  Single Motion program FL+AE ad so on

                  Single Sound program like sound booth (which any sound enginear will call a joke) and so on (having SLAVE function)


                  This thoughts comes to my head when i look backwards. When i have started my carrier iv been making flash animations. A little bit after iv learned FW, and tryed PS, but because it ps 5 was more than a big bug. I deleted and never come back untill 2008.

                  Now, when i open Flash. Almost all looks new, new script languages and so on. Im in a rush with my workflow, to learn new things. What i do with it its just old simple animation, no scripting.

                  Html, when iv learned FW back in 2000. Iv been doing slicing (table slicing for that time). And now? Everything have been changing. And again i dont have a time to learn new stuff, because what iv learn now.. it's an wasted time, comparing with the news which will come in a next 2-3years.


                  So those requests like same shortcuts, same functionality for all programs and etc. Could be a basis, for fast learning, time saving and many more benefits.. I thinkg all of as will rather spend time on a lake bank with a BBQ, rathere then to learn new stuff every year. Plus spending our money, for just small steps of advance..