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    Deathly Afraid.  Need help

    El GUER0

      I just purchased a new computer to help render new HD video along with premiere elements 8.  The computer hasen't even shipped as i completed my online order yesterday.  I have been happy with an earlyer version of premiere elements and figured the latest version would give me more of the same quality experience i have come to expect from a company like Adobe.  The only thing about my purchase that i didn't research was the video editing software.  Late last night i came across a video virtually damming the new elements and i started to get nervous.  A little more reasearch and i find that many of the cons in reviews point to sluggish performance and crashing.


      I have read many of the on-topic posts and that there is a new patch for elements 8.  I also understand that updating drivers for the GPU is a must.  My concern is that many of the new posts still report problems and unstability in the software.  The only reason i even know about this video edditing software is because years ago i had software from another company that was so buggy it forced me to look somewhere else.


      Now to my question.  Is anyone even happy with premiere elements 8?  Is Adobe committed to cleaning up the problems?  Should I call up my computer maker and have them drop the software and save $90?  I do not want to feel like punching my new computer after 5 crashes in 10 minutes like some people have discribed on this forum.


      what should I do?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Many users have had great experiences with PrE 8, but others have not. Adobe has provided a patch, that does address some GPU issues. For some this has not helped, but for more, it has.


          When using any NLE (Non Linear Editor), the biggest issues are these, and in this order:



          Assets - source footage

          Project Presets - set with New Project and should match those Assets 100%


          With any new computer, there are some steps to take immediately:


          1.) clean up any bloatware, that the builder might have included. This ARTICLE will give you some tips.


          2.) download and install the very latest drivers for your audio and video cards/chips


          3.) optimize your OS - the FAQ's to the right of the forum's main page will give you several to read.


          4.) set up PrE 8 for best performance - again, the FAQ's will tell you how


          With the exception of #4 (actually, it applies, just for any other NLE), these would be recommended with ANY new computer to be used for video editing.


          That's the best that I can do.


          Good luck,



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            El GUER0 Level 1

            Thanks for your response.  I noticed that you frequent the forums and provide useful information.  Do you think premiere elements 7 would provide a more stable platform to work with or should i jump feet first into PE8 and hope for the best?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              That is a very good question. In very general terms, it seems that fewer users had issues with PrE 7, and most who did, were already on underpowered systems, or trying to use Assets, that are not designed to be edited. With PrE 8, there were some new features added, and a few of these were real resource hogs. Things like the AutoAnalyze and the Background Rendering, seem to be better turned OFF, but at least one has the opportunity to do so.


              Some of those having initial troubles with PrE 8 did "downgrade" to PrE 7, but I do not recall many reporting back, whether it worked better for them, than PrE 8 did. I feel sure that PrE 8 requires more resources to run efficiently, than PrE 7, but do not think that the footprint would all THAT different. Now, if one leaves all the default "features" ON, I'd guess that one would need much more computing power for PrE 8. Again, that is but a guess, as I am still on PrE 4.


              Good luck,



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                nealeh Level 5

                Can you post the specification of your on order PC? It should give us a rough guide as to potential HD processing performance.


                You could cancel the software order and download / install the trial version. This will give you thirty days to see if it meets your needs. If it does you can activate the software without needing to uninstall the trial. The limitations of the trial are, I believe, thirty days only and it places a banner on any output video.


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                  El GUER0 Level 1

                  Yes.  I just ordered the HP 180t with the following specs:

                  i7 920 cpu

                  nvidia gtx 260 graphics card

                  12 gigs 1066 DDR3 ram

                  2 tb hard drive

                  Windows 7 64bit OS

                  i didnt up grade the sound card

                  I did put in a bluray bruner



                  Also I did a little looking into PE7 and I'm not sure if it is supported in windows 7 64 bit.  some peopel had problems just like in PE8.  It seams a bit silly to have to go through your brand new computer and mess with settings turining on and off stuff.  Would it be better to purchace the professional version?  or does it have similar problems?  does the free video edditing software that comes with the OS work well enough?  I just use it for simple home movies including a menu and simple transitions.  I'm not the next stephen spielberg.  I just remember being so frustrated with simple editing on pinnical that i moved to adobe.  now i might be going back if the program hangs every 30 min.


                  Maybe I'm jumping the gun, i dont even have my computer yet.

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                    nealeh Level 5

                    With one exception and a couple of questions that PC has plenty of oomph and should work well with PRE.



                    From your specification you are only going to have one physical drive. You should have at least two (power users have at least three). The reason is that during rendering PRE is having to work with itself (the program), temporary files where it prepares the output, and the output itself. I have two drives and have programs and temporary files pointing to one drive, output folder to the second. Note that the importance here is that they are PHYSICAL drives, disk partitioning will not suffice. External USB drives do not have the speed to work effectively in PRE (I generally store footage on an external drive and copy the clips I need to my SATA hard drive as needed). As an example I once forgot to direct my output folder to my second drive. Everything was going to just one drive - my rendering time nearly doubled.



                    How will you connect your HD camcorder to PRE?

                    Does your new PC have a Firewire (IEEE 1394) connection?


                    Windows 7 64-bit:

                    I run PRE7 on W7u-64 with no real problems at all. It used to be that I would shut down antivirus and other memory resident applications but I don't even bother doing that now (perhaps a windows or driver update has improved it's stability).


                    Neither PRE7 or PRE8 are 64 bit applications. Both run as 32 bit applications on a 64 bit machine. Windows compatibility centre says PRE8 is compatible for both 32 and 64 bit. For PRE7 it is not - it recommends an upgrade.


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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      I strongly second the rec. for multiple physical (very important - NOT partitions) HDD's. This spreads the I/O load around, and diminishes bottlenecks with data transfer, which is very important with video editing.


                      Personally, I'd add a 500GB +/- drive for the C:\ with ONLY the OS, programs and Page File (Windows Virtual Memory file), and then use the 2 TB unit for media, Projects and Scratch Disks. This will speed everything up, regarding video editing.


                      In a perfect world, I'd add one more 2 TB unit, and split the media from the Projects and Scratch Disks.


                      Good luck,



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                        Andy Post Level 1

                        Hey Deathly,

                        I was having the same problems with Elements 8.  Crash crash crash.  It was like someone had replaced my wife...I was re-learning a list of do's and don'ts.  Mr. Hunt pointed me to the patch and all that went away.  Fear ye not.

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                          El GUER0 Level 1

                          Its nice to hear from people who are having a good experience with  PE8.  I wish more people would share their successes, for some reason it  makes me feel better about the product i'm about to have.  Thanks.


                          Also  the 2 tera bite HHD is actually two 1tb drives.  I had thought about  adding a SSD 80 or a 500 HHD for just the OS n-stuff but that might be  in the future do to $$.


                          @Andy Post

                          Just curious what are the specs on your comupter?  video card,  ram, and OS.

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                            Andy Post Level 1

                            My experience is far from robust.  BUT I have to admit that this is all very new to me, so in all

                            honesty, I might have unreasonable expectations and would not recognize a robust experience

                            if I had one.  It seems to take an inordinate amount of time to open files and the like for me.  Seems to work quickly once open.  I suspect it's my machine that has to think things through.  Needs a cup of coffee before it want's to get down to work.


                            Machine is an older Dell 690 Precision workstation

                            Processor is a QuadCore Xeon 2.33MHz

                            OS Windows 7 64 bit

                            Primary HD is an older (Supposedly 3GBs) Maxtor SSD sounds like a good idea

                            Scratch is two 15,000 rpm SAS Drives in a stripe array

                            Video card is still suspect.  Adobe and nVidia are just not getting along these days.  I had a Quadro 3450 which I've never found a suitable driver that works well with Photoshop CS4.  Had the same issue on my other Dell which required updating with CS4.  I'm using an nVidia 9800GT 1GB

                            Ram is 20GB PC2-5300 667MHz


                            My home app is photoshop...I'm a still shooter...so I'm not going overboard on pumping this thing up.  It does a great job at what it needs to do.


                            Good luck.

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                              El GUER0 Level 1

                              Thanks.  I suppose its on to the waiting game, then downloading and updating everything on my new computer/software.  Crossing my fingers that with the good amount of information on the forums i can get my machine ready to render with out the blue screen of death.  Cheers to all, and thanks for all your advice and help.