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    Help with CS4 encoding to FLV with Alpha

    scott mackenzie Level 1




      I have an 8 second 1920x1080 (from sony ex3) clip I keyed in after effects and brought into Premiere CS4 - size 1.72GB


      I want to export to Flash with Alpha channel.


      A couple of questions-


      1. Format FLV - codec On2 vp6 - size 1920x1080 frame rate 25fps progressive and bitrate 5mbps


      File size is 5MB? Is that correct?


      2. I am wanting to export this so I can have the clips played on top of a web page. Do I need to resize to a smaller size here (dimensions) or later?


      3. If people are watching these videos and I encode them at 5Mbps. Will they be ok if there connection is only 756kbps? Or should I encode the clips at that lower bitrate?


      Many thanks



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          I assume that you have found the Export with Alpha Channel, so you should be good to go there.


          As for the sizing of the FLV, I would do that in the Export settings. You might want to discuss the exact dimensions with the Web designer, who will be using your file. The last thing that I would want to have to do is resize an FLV, as it is designed as a delivery-only format. Yes, they can be edited, but as with other delivery formats, things can get messy in a hurry.


          Good luck,