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    scenes break in CS4


      Hi, I have used scenes very successfilly in AS3/CS3.  When I move them to CS4 they all break.  Specifically components break when not in the first scene.  Try this;


      1 create a new movie

      2 create a second scene

      3 drag FLVPlayback onto the stage in second scene

      4 run/compile the movie


      An error will be thrown from scene 1: TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.


      in other words it is trying to access FLVPlayback properties (in scene 1) before the component is on the stage.  That's ridiculous.


      I keep reading people who say scenes are a bad design choice.  Why?  Makes perfect sense to me and is a core paradigm in the flash architecture..  The problem is that it's broken.


      Any ides what the fix is or do I need to completely redesign all my old apps just to move to CS4?