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    Fc maximum state restrictions

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      First off, what an application!! i'm using the app for a while now, sometimes a bit on the slow side, but it does the work very well for a beta.

      I have only one problem and one concern. The first one is that the files are limited to 20 states. I'm working on a portfolio site that needs about 20 more to complete it.

      Is there anyone that can tell me what my options are??

      And could it be that the files Fc files made in the beta won't work in the release?


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          Hello again.


          With further search on the forum i found a solution to the problem (thanks to Tvoliter).


          I'll be back on this thread to post comment on how the solution worked.

          And when the website is done, i'll post a link for people to see the product of this wonderful app.



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            Hello! I'm also working on a portfolio in catalyst and I had the same problem as you do. The maximum of 20 pages was also a big problem because my portfolio excists of 40 pictures...together with the menustructure it would be around 50.


            The way I solved it is to not put every picture inside a seperate state but to put them inside a datalist within 1 page. You can give the datalist 20 different stages, each with one of your pictures.

            This is how:


            create a datalist with 1 small thumb and a scrollbar. Assign the thumb to be the repeated item. Add all the other thumbs inside the "design time- data". Add interaction (play transition to state) and click on "specific item". Now if you click on the corresponding thumb the bigger photo will appear.


            Hope this will help. Feel free to ask.