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    CSS or Tables for this site?

    John Blaustein Level 4



      Several of you have helped me in the past few weeks as I try to get up to speed with Dreamweaver and CSS, and I continue to be grateful for that.  (I came to DW from FrontPage which I used for years for what is now my old site -- not online.)


      My new site is now live:



      As you will see if you look at the source code, I used a table -- 3 rows, 3 colums -- to organize and position my content.  The format validates in DW and it looks fine in IE, FF, Chrome and Safari (on Windows).


      I have been studying the DW videos on Lynda.com.  In particular, I am interested in the section on Layout -- box model, positioning, floats, margins, etc.


      QUESTION: I am wondering if there is any reason I would have better off building the site with CSS rather than a table.  I see that I could have used one of the DW fixed templates-- three colums with header and footer -- and achieved the same results.  For a simple layout like mine, is it a question of design preferences, or is there some benefit to CSS that I may not be aware of?


      Given that I have used a table, should I wrap all of my body content in a <div id=mainContent> tag?  Is this necessary?


      Thanks very much for any comments of this.