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    Questions about After Effects and HDV format

    Morriswald Level 1

      I have recorded some material in HDV settning.
      I captured the materal in Adobe Premiere  (HVD format, 1080p25).

      I moved the material from Premiere into After Effects, and after I am done adjusting some things

      I have to return the material into Premiere to finish the editing.


      If I put i like this; what would be the best substitute for the old dv format? What type of codec or lossless format

      would be preferred, when importing hdv from Premiere CS4 into After effect CS4? (What format whould be the best in speed

      and stabilitiy on a Windows based plattform?)


      I have worked in After effects for many years and I want to continue doing that , but I need some basic understanding
      in these new formats.


      I need some help to get into these new standads, thank you!