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    Filtering A PHP/XML Populated Tilelist

    jimmyoneshot Level 1

      I have a tilelist in my app 'productsTilelist' that is populated via a httprequest 'productsService' to a remote php file which produces and populates the tilelist with xml data. One of the fields in this xml data is 'categoryid'.


      What I want is when a button is clicked for this tilelist to be filtered so that only the items that have a categoryid of '1' will be present in the tielist. Similar to the way php websites are set up in the sense you click on a category and all the products/items within that category appear based on the categoryid value.


      What code would I need to apply to the click property of a button so that this filtering can be applied to my tilelist?


      Here's the code for my 'productsTilelist' tilelist component:-


      <mx:TileList id="productsTilelist" dataProvider="{productsService.lastResult.product}" width="627" height="550"> 
      <mx:Canvas width="175" height="175">
      <mx:Label id="productnamelabel" text="{data.productname}" width="100%"/>


      Thanks for any suggestions.