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    Close Window

    MughalShahzad Level 1
      I am opening FileB from FileA using open window, now i want to close the FileB by pressing a button some where on FileB.
      close window is working on FileA but its not closing FileB by pressing its button. I tryed but could not find the way that how to keep my FileA running and close the FileB,
      thanks in advance
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          Applied CD Level 1
          Hmmm … it would help to see the scripts you used to open fileA and fileB in the first place. I assume both A and B are MIAWs. If that’s the case window(“fileA”).forget() and window(“fileB”).forget() should work … however … asking an MIAW to close itself can cause the projector to become unstable. If you Google “closing MIAWs” you’ll see a lot of discussion about this.