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    Can we have a Real batch process


      The current batch process functionality in Audition records not keystrokes, but settings; so if you record a process using the ClickPop Eliminator functionality under Restoration, you get whatever settings you used with the sound sample you used during the script recording.  However, if you want to record a script that uses the very powerful Auto Find All Levels feature of the Click/Pop functionality, you're out of luck (as far as I know).


      I'm in the process of cleaning up a bunch of old recordings I have and digitizing them.  I can't use the click/pop setting of one for the others!  They're just too different, so I've been spending hours waiting while the system samples the current audio and applies the click/pop settings.  Can we get a true automation system that let's me record the fact that I want the system to run the Auto Find, then use the results to run the Click/pop eliminator.  I could then process hundreds of files while I sleep instead of having to check my computer screen every five minutes and get the next step of the process running!


      There are other products with better automation, but they don't do as good a job to reduce noise and eliminate clicks and pops on a wide variety of audio as Audition does.  But if you know some that does, please let me know!