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    object values @string


      I am trying to get Object data into following way


                  var groupingCollection:GroupingCollection=new GroupingCollection()
                  var arr:ArrayCollection = groupingCollection.source.source.source as ArrayCollection;

                  var items:Object=arr[1] as Object;
                  var dataString:String = new String();
                  var dgColArray:Array=adg.columns as Array;
                  var adgc:AdvancedDataGridColumn=dgColArray[0] as AdvancedDataGridColumn;

                  var str:String = adgc.dataField as String ;



      but this is not working .


      I don't want to use for each function I need a specific value in this way only . because I don't know what is the dataField name is in the dataProvider of adg I only know I have to bind this first field .


      Please help me


      how I can get value from Object .


      Thanks in Advance