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    Love the Flash on this site, how do they do it?


      Hi all,


      Just seen this site; http://www.rareview.com/


      Really love the coloured background and how it moves, very subtle and I love it.


      Is there anywhere this type of swf can be bought? I have looked through all sorts and think it would be great to pay to have this type of swf on a site.

      I am not accomplished enough to design from scratch something like this in Flash but I'm hoping someone knows where this type of stuff could be bought.


      Thanks very much

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't know about buying it except to say contact the web master of that site.  It appears to be a fairly simple design that implements some rather nice imagery that enhances the effect.  There appears to be a static background that holds the rainbow colors.  Over that is a static "vapor" image as well as two rotating ones, rotating in opposite directions.  The rays are just static images, and the bursts of dots from the center out are just randomly generated animations that tween the dots size and alpha value.

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            Pete-1967 Level 1

            Ah right, these things always seem simple when you know what you are looking for ;-)


            I'm wanting to use the image I have attached, add some very subtle rainbow colors that then have a very subtle vapor images turning as there's is.

            Hmmm not sure this is getting beyond me in Flash. I have many Slideshow and app's I use with Flash to put into websites so I rarely have to venture to much into Flash and the 'what if's and how's' of doing stuff I see.


            If I wanted to do this can you give me any pointers on where to start from?


            Thank you.render_03.png

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              You need to create symbols in Flash to get the transparent look. You import an image (.jpeg, .png etc...) into your Library (and then drag it to the stage) or draw it directly on the Flash stage. Next select the image  modify > convert to symbol > movie clip (name it comething like mc_transparent1). The new symbol will be put into your library. Drag a copy onto the stage (click and delete the original). Next click on the symbol > in the Properties Panel select  Style : Alpha - this will let you adjust transparecy.


              You could create multiple symbols and then stack then on each other with layers.

              For the spinning- double click on symbols and create keyframes and tweens

              The background would be a nice static image (layer 1)

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                Pete-1967 Level 1

                Hi Bizzel,

                I know some of what you are saying ref symbols in the prop panel, I use this approach for making preloaders.

                I understand some of the other stuff you mention however tweens are something I have not used much, will give this a little further investigation and then give this a trial go.

                Thank you, P.