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    What is the best Dell PC configuration to run Master Collection CS4

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      What is the best Dell Computer/PC configuration to run Adobe Master Collection CS4 smoothly. Also please mentione about the experiences with Dell(if possible with, Dell Australia) I am using a Dell Dimension 8400 bought in 2005 (2.8GHz, 2 GB DDR2 RAM, 1 TB HDD Capacity)


      Ur help is much appreciated. Thx


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Dell does not have any sensible 'best PC configuration', not even when you go for the best they offer, which is over $ 14 K and is still lacking. But you have a power cord free. However, if you opt for redundant power supply, you need to choose a second power cable. Strange they did not include that in the option for redundant PSU's.


          Dell is only good if they offer a system that meets your requirements fully. If you need anything else than their standard configuration, better go elsewhere or build it yourself. It is pretty easy to build a system for less than the price of a Dell that outperforms it by a wide margin, because their BIOS is crippled and they charge the most extravagant prices for everything not in their standard offer.


          If money is no object, try to configure a dual W5590 system with at least 24 GB ECC RAM and at least an Areca raid controller and 8 disks in raid3. But with Dell, if at all possible, the price will be around $ 20 K US or more.