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    Sony reader touch+Mac=a bit of a headache, help gratefully appreciated


      Hi - set up is Mac OS 5.8, Reader 600 latest firmware. Because the Reader was bought in the UK I don't have the sony ebook store in which to authorise my device.


      I can't authorise it at Sony UK, I can only register it and set up an account. In the 'My Account' section there is no option that I can see, and I have looked, and looked and looked again - simply because it seem unbelievable not to be able to authorise it from my account.I have also contacted Sony to see if they can tell me how to authorise the Reader.


      I need to authorise it of course, although Caliber and Manybooks.net etc are wonderful, I would like to read the books I have bought and the library book I've down loaded. The bought books show up in ADE on my MAC and the library books only shows up in my download section and nothing will open it, short of dynamite.


      I know I could load ADE onto the PC I use at work, authorise the computer, connect the reader and then authorise that too. I'm hesitating because of threads I have read about the chaos that ensues if you have multiple ADE accounts. I have ADE on the Mac and I have authorised that to the Mac, as said that's where my bought books are showing. The ADE on the PC would have to be authorised to another account. If I also authorise the Reader through that account, i'm thinking that the ADE on my Mac at home will not then be usable.


      What I'd like, please, is to use the ADE on the Mac as my main programme dealing with bought books and library books.


      How can I do that please?


      Many thanks.

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          The Mac version of ADE does not support the Sony Readers.  You will want to use Sony Reader Library software instead.

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            laughinggravy0 Level 1

            Hi Jim, I was hoping you'd answer seeing how helpful you've been on the Mobileread forum.

            I appreciate ADE won't recognise a reader on a Mac.

            I can't, so far, authorise on the Sony site becaue I bought in the UK, so we can't use the ebook site and the Sony.co.uk site doesn't have an authorise option under 'You account'. So at the moment, it's catch 22.


            So I'm back to Adobe as my preferred option.


            That being the case...... as I mentioned in my post, I have a PC at work. On that PC I have ADE. I also have ADE on my Mac at home. The Mac has been authorised with ADE, the PC has not.

            I'm holding off authorising the PC because and connecting the reader to ADE on the PC because I am worried that by doing so I'll accidentally create myself multiple accounts. You had to go to quite a lot of lengths to help a user on Monileread whose daughter had accidentally set up multiple accounts. The books I have bought are loaded onto the ADE I have on the Mac.


            Perhaps I made a mistake downmoading ADE on my Mac and PC at the same time. But at the moment, the Reader is not authorised on either.


            Can you help me? Should I press on and authorise the Reader via ADE on the PC? I just don't want to make teh situation any more complicated.


            Thanks for your advice.



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              Jim Lester Level 4

              As long as you are always using the same AdobeID to authorize Digital Editions, you won't create seperate accounts.


              You get into problems when:


              you "anonymously" activate one or more computers with Digital Editions and you authorize a different computer with an AdobeID.




              You are using the Sony Reader Library and your Sony Account name (email address)  is not the same as your Adobe ID name  (Sony will currently just create you an AdobeID to match your Sony ID).  This is not a huge problem as long as you are always using the Sony Software, but can create problems if you swtich back and forth between Sony and Adobe.




              you activate multiple computers with different AdobeIDs (as was the case you mentioned)



              To check to see which AdobeID your macs are authorized to, select "Authorize Computer..." from the Library menu.  As long as all your computers say the same thing, you are good to go.

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                laughinggravy0 Level 1

                Hi Jim, well I've done it. But not through adobe exactly.


                I installed the reader library software from the reader itself onto the PC at work this lunchtime. After a bit of pfaffing around (right click the Library icon before running install, and change the computer to a windows 95 option - I think??! - that bit was desperation so I can't quite remember what I did) the Library started to launch.


                It asked me, at the very start, what country I was in and I chose USA, a flat lie but I remembered some thread mentioning that the Sony site doesn't pay much attention to the location of the users internet connection.


                Having chosen USA, the thing then installed without a hitch, although i was holding my breath a little, it took me straight to the Sony bookstore and warned me my device wasn't authorised (tell me about it) - the stuff all the lucky North American users see straight off.


                I selected 'Authorise', it picked up the ADE programme and did what you said. I hit another glitch I won't bore you with (user id emails blah), but it's up and running.


                Did a trial by buying yet another very cheap ebook to see if the system worked, it loaded through ADE fine and when I opened it up on the Reader, all there and ready to go.


                So, one work around then is to warn people to choose the States when the Sony library software opens for the first time, no matter where they are (although perhaps that is illegal?). Couldn't do this on the Mac at home because the library software never opened from the Launcher, I had to download it from the net which, I guess, then forestalled any chance of me claiming to be from another geographic location.


                What a clunky hassle.


                Thanks for your help.


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                  laughinggravy0 Level 1

                  Jim - I'm sorry to bother you, but a message back from adobe tells me they don't offer support for ADE and Sony are as useful as a chocolate fire guard. I have managed to work my way around most of the hurdles (concerning authorisation) but one thing still blocks me completely.


                  Library books - they download fine into ADE both on the PC at work and my Mac at home.


                  But although the reader is authorised, and in doing so checked my Adobe details, and although those details are the same, same username and password, I can't get my library books out of ADE and into my Sony Library. OK so it's not going to work on the Mac, but I can't even do so on the PC at work - running XP version 2002.


                  I have bought a book and managed to get that to load into ADE on the PC and then dragged it into the Sony Library and so onto the reader.


                  But I just can't transfer library books.


                  I'm sorry to bother you with this, but I just don't know who else to ask and although I found the work around for authorisation, this has really stymied me. Surely on a PC ADE should recognise an authorised Reader?


                  Thanks in advance for any help you can give, there is, of course, no rush. But I'd be glad to hear back from you at your own convenience.