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    template problem




      I have created a template which I have used for creating my website pages. I would like to amend the title within the head section on each individual page, however it wot allow me as its already created and locked within the template. Is there a way to amend the template to allow each page to have a different title / meta tags / keywords / etc?


      Many thanks.

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          Zabeth69 Level 5

          When you create your Template by making a page and then doing File > Save as Template:


          The title within the head section is typically NOT locked on child pages of a Template, although much of the head section IS

          locked. If your title is locked, you can go back to your Template and make sure (or change...) that this is what you see in the head:

          <!-- TemplateBeginEditable name="doctitle" -->
          <title>Untitled Document</title>
          <!-- TemplateEndEditable -->

          Once you have corrected the editable region around the title tag, you can add your meta tags below the title in that region, and they will remain editable in child pages:

          <!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="doctitle" -->
          <title>Untitled Document</title>
          <meta name="Description" content="this is a test description" />

          <!-- InstanceEndEditable -->

          When you save your Template, all your existing child pages will be updated to conform to the Template.



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            osgood_ Level 8

            What steps are you taking to create your pages from the template because there should already be 'editable' regions in the page.


            1) Set up the main template page then>file>save as Template


            2) To create a new page from the template>file>new>Page from Template>Select template from site folder


            If you follow the above you should then have an editable region to change the 'title' and an editable 'head' region' in which to insert your meta tags.

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              mhlkm Level 1

              Thanks so much guys. With your help I've managed to sort the problem and can now amend the titles on every page.


              Many thanks.

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                Zabeth69 Level 5

                You're welcome, I'm sure!