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    Maybe premature, but challenging. Initial thoughts?

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      We all know MPE is in the future sometime. We also know the GTX 285 will be supported. We don't know about the GTX 295.


      If you were in the market for a new video card and you see these choices at approximately the same prices:


      1-3-2010 12-49-16.jpg

      and consider the difference in clock speeds, while the difference in memory is almost negligent, and consider these differences:


      1-3-2010 12-19-17.jpg


      what would be the better performer? A 702 MHz clock with only 240 CUDA cores versus a 576 MHz clock with 480 CUDA cores?


      I know it is premature and the details on the new GTX 470/480 still have to come out (March 26-th) but what would be your initial thoughts?

      I'm leaning towards the GTX 295, but it is nothing more than a gut feeling.


      Dennis, can you give your opinion? (and look at my PM to you).