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    Logout button not working - Javascript wrong?

    adrianaharper Level 1

      Using TCS2 on Windows 7 RH


      I've added a logout button to my skin to be included on the HTML. However, it's not working properly (when clicked on, nothing happens). The Javascript I have there now is:


      JavaScript: window.opener.location='/servletnameforpagetoviewwhenclicked';window.close();


      Previously, thanks to the "Skinny on Skins" by Rick Stone (excellent information, thank you!!)  I had:


      JavaScript:var pw=window.parent;pw.opener=window.self;pw.close();pw.location='/servletnameofpagetogotowh enclosed';


      However, that didn't take me to the correct logout page, it just closed the window entirely (which is better than nothing, but not quite what I want).


      Can anyone point me in a more accurate direction?