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    Rendering Freeze in PE 8


      I can' figure out why Premiere Elements will freeze/hang after a while after asking it to render a bunch of clips.   On the last run, it processed about 1/3 of the frames I had asked (~48000), then hung.


      This is 27 minutes of video taken from a Canon vixia HF200 camera (set to SP image mode).


      I'm running on a dell Precision 380 workstation (3.20 GHz).  4 gig memory.  Win XP 32 bit and all service packs are installed.


      I've tried checking most of the suggestions at: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/514/cpsid_51427.html


      Most important things I did were increase the systems paging file system size.


      I do still have PE 7 installed.


      Overall memory use by the program seems OK (<500 MB).


      I've disabled hardware acceleration of my graphics card (NVIDIA Quadro NVS 285), and also did an update of the driver.


      I'm stumped.




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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Along with what you've already done, you might find some tips in this ARTICLE helpful.


          Also, check the amount of free, defragmented space on your HDD's, especially where the Scratch Disks are located.


          Good luck,



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            caumann2 Level 1

            Thanks for this.


            What I ended up doing was doing a bunch of things:


            - Converting the .mts files to MPEG2 with AVS Video Converter.

            - UPgrading my video card from an Nvidia Quadro NVS 285 to an Nvidia GeForce GTS 250.


            Other discussions note (and I experienced) problems with the new NVidia drivers.  The GPU is not fully support/functional so has to be disabled with PE8.  I think this causes rendering to be a bit slower, but my impressions are that the software is more stable.


            Hopefully the GPU issue will be resolved at some point - seems it has been festering for many months.




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              Glad that things are working for you now, and thanks for reporting. What often happens with technology is that the software developers work to add more power, by utilizing aspects of certain cards (also instruction sets, and the like), but then these features are not supported by previous cards, or not well. It becomes a vicious cycle for some users, as they are then forced to buy a new card (or CPU with the instruction sets).


              I'm facing just this with PrPro CS5. It will be 64-bit only. My workstation is running beautifully on XP-Pro (32-bit), but will be useless to me with CS5. The hardware was state-of-the-art not THAT long ago, and it's still very powerful, however not ready for smooth 64-bit OS usage, so I'll be relegating it to my workstation #2 status, just for PrPro CS2, and only SD material. I have a tear in my eye, as this machine has an nVidia Quadro FX 4500, which cost me a bunch and performs very well. I could migrate it to the new box, but it does not, and will not, support some of the newer GPU utilization, especially the Mercury playback engine, even though some lesser nVidia cards can be adapted. If I want the biggest bang, it will cost plenty of $, but that is the price for technological advances. At least by the time that I get the $, Win7 SP-1 should be out.


              Hey, I remember when I had to trade in my hot-rod 286 for my first 486. Equipment is great, until you open the box, and find that everything has been replaced by newer and better... good on one hand, but for the owner, not so neat.