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    Cannot expand an item in AdvancedDataGrid Programatically


      I am currently using an advanceddatagrid to display a list of documents that are Grouped by Document Name and I would like to expand  an item of this advanced datagrid programatically to select a document. For the moment my code for the performing the above mentioned task looks like:




      var openNodes:Object = IHierarchicalCollectionView(grid.dataProvider).openNodes;


           for each (var item:Object in openNodes){


      // Select First Document



                for each(var doc:Document in item.children){


                     if(doc != selectedDocument)


      //Move Selected Index











      This code has some error as it does not point to the correct document sometimes.. Can anyone suggest a better way to accomplish the same. I tried using expandItem and expandChildrenof methods in the Advandceddatagrid but it does not work. Even after giving a grid.validate() call to refresh the control the above two methods cannot expand the node I need.. Any help would be appreciated.