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    Pre-test,post-test in project

    Jame ion



      I  try  to  create  CAI by captivate3. The project contain

         1. 10 items pre-test

         2. Lesson

         3. 10 items  post-test

         My problem is I  cannot separate in post-test from the pre-test. That  is  when  I  insert 10 items  multiple  choice  post-test  after  lesson, Quiz  result slide  will  automatically  after  the  post - test  slide  and  then  make  it  20 items.

         I  want  to  separate  the  pre-test's  quiz  result  slide  from  the  post-test's.

         How  can  I  operate  it?

                    Thanks  a  lot

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          It will be necessary to have the pre- and post-test in different files to have the results separately. With CP4 it could be possible to have a solution in the same file, using variables and advanced actions, but that is not possible in CP3.


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            Jame ion Level 1

            Could  you please  explain me step by step?

            I  apologize  but  I  just  learn  about  this.  I  need  more  detail  step  by  step  so  that  I  can  follow  it.  Thanks  a  lot.

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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Which version of CP do you use?


              I mean that you create a CP-file with the pre-test, it will then report the score for this test OK.

              Make a second file for your lesson, eventually you can add the post-test in this same file and it will report the score of this post-test. Or you create the post-test in a third file.

              You will have to chain them together: in CP4 you can use the Aggregator, or you make a short CP-file functioning as a sort of menu in which you put links to the three (or two) other files.


              Hope this makes sense (what is your native language?)



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                Jame ion Level 1

                Hi  Lilybiri

                I'm  Thai. I use  cp4. I'm  not  sure you understand my poor English or not?

                Anyway, I followed your advise to make  3  files  as follows:

                      First --> pre-test + Lesson

                     Second -->  post- test

                     Third --> Main menu


                     For  the  main  menu, I  made  a  button  to  link  to  pre-test  and post-test  by  choosing

                "open url or file"  I  can  preview  this  in  my  computer  but  I  can't  preview  the  link (pre-test and post-test)  in

                another  computer.

                     Could  you  provide  me  software  simulation  step  by  step?

                                                 Thank  you

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                  Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                  I'm not a native English speaker myself, hope I did not hurt you by asking. It is not easy to explain in another language, sometimes I could help in another language but Thai, no that is not possible at all; was in Thailand long ago, very kind people.


                  About your question: first of all, did you install the update for CP4? Open the menu Help, choose Updates.


                  In 'Open URL or File' you need to have a relative path, this means only the file name, no indication like c:\MyDocuments\My Adobe Captivate Projects\... Just delete that part. Or, instead of browsing for the file (using the ellipsis '...') type only the file name (CP-file) in.


                  Be sure to have the 3 files in the same folder. When publishing you need to have them in the same folder too.


                  Hope you can understand what I tried to explain.