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    Flash Carousel Speed


      I have a flash carousel that works perfectly however it moves too quickly.  I am not familiar with flash so I'm curious as to whether or not anyone can tell me how to slow the rotation speed down.  If necessary you can download a complete example of my carousel below.  Also any of you who want a nice free carousel...enjoy.






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          waterdad568 Level 3

          If your not familiar with flash, then I would guess that it is a component you dl'd, and if that is the case, then the components documentation is the best place to start. Either way you will need to edit the actionscript, probably need to change the var, or possibly a function if it's rotation speed is event driven, so look for something like:


          var speed:Number = 0.05;    //change the 0.05 to change speed


          or possibly:


          function eventHandler(event:MouseEvent):void


               speed = (mouseX - centerX) / 0000;  //change number in millseconds



          Or both if speed is event driven.

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            kingdavidbaker Level 1

            Well thanks for the idea.  I'm using Flash CS4 and it took me forever to find the action text so i could modify it.  Anyway I found the variables you mentioned:


            var speed:Number = 0.05;    //change the 0.05 to change speed               and

            speed = (mouseX - centerX) / 0000;


            I changed the var speed:Number to .005, .0000005, .0000000000000005 and the speed is the exact same.  I changed it to 1.0 to see if it speeds up and it is the exact same. I tried a bunch of I changed the mouse speed to 0000, 9500, 1500, and a bunch of others but it does not affect the base rotation speed although it does appear to help the mouse over speed so it is easier to handle.


            In the end the base rotation speed has not changed.  Any other ideas?

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              kingdavidbaker Level 1

              Okay I've found that if I "Test Movie" in CS4 the speeds actually are changing but when I open my

              .swf file there is no difference.  How do I export a new .swf file after I have edited the flash document?

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                kingdavidbaker Level 1

                Nevermind I figured it out.  Thanks for the help.