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    Help with locating photos if they are stored


      I had my computer dumped and cleaned due to a ton of Trojans I told the computer tech that I had over 2000 photos on the adobe Photo Album started Edition, and to my surprise the idiot did not back up my photos from this location. Now that I have my computer back and can not download this Album starter due to it being discontinued. is there anyway I can find these photos? Please tell me they are saved on the Adobe server and if they are how do I find them if I can no longer down this program and transform them to the photoshop.com? These pictures did not save to a folder in my computer they were saved in the folders on the album starter edition and they were named. All of my sons baby pictures were in this program I am devistated. Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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          Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee



          Wish I could tell you that Starter Edition did back up your photos online, but unless you specifically created a Photoshop.com account and pushed the files up there, they were not backed up online.


          If you download your pictures directly into Starter Edition, the default folder where all those files are copied is into your My Pictures folder, into an Adobe folder. If you can find that folder, then at least the images that were downloaded by Starter Edition would be there.


          So sorry