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    playback component code

      HI ,

      I am using a video application form one of two tutorials offered here on dynamic flash video players, which use XML and action script to populate a select list and then play the video. One is for a streaming server, the other, progressive download. The progressive download version I did, does not have player controls, while the streaming one does. I tried to search for other tutorials or info on how to add this functionality, but they all seem to only cover static FLVs. I downloaded the streaming server files from that tutorial, and opened up the FLA file to see the difference, and there was a FLV playback component in that library. SO, I can add one(playback component instance) , but I don't know how to add the action script to it, to make it control the videos from the select list.( which happens dynamically ) any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

      Steve Grayson