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    question about inserting long text into .htmlText

      Hi guys hope you can help me...
      I need to make a dynamic text field (scrollable) that contains text, images, MCs and links.

      I assigned to the text field the instance name textField_txt and attached this As code to the frame that's contains it:

      textField_txt.htmlText = "<p>Here's a movie clip symbol:<img src='symbol_ID'>";

      symbol_ID is a linkage that's been assigned to a MC in the library, that I want to load into my text field.

      So far so good, the problem comes when I change the example text "Here's a movie clip symbol:" with the text I have to use. I've tried different times to change it, to take off & and stuff that can mess things up, but it still giving me the same message when I pubblish the clip:

      String literal was not properly terminated�
      Syntax error.�

      I kinda figured out that this could be related to the text lenght, text seem to be too long, but I'm not sure. Anyone? Thanx in advance