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    Back to basics

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      I can only appologise for this question, especialy as everyone here seems to know more than the basics.


      I want to train staff at satelite hospitals in real time with voice over the internet and using powerpoint etc.  The learners must be able drag and drop and click on text images etc. (like webex offers).


      Is Connect Pro the software for this.

      Do I purchase a single copy or is it depending on the numbers to be trained.

      Are there any additional costs after purchase.

      Our IT department will set the system up.


      The information out there is a little confusing and customer services using type chat weren't brilliant.


      Thank you

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          DHMerritt Level 1

          SHjoe I tested Webex a few years ago. I had to make a decision between various products out there and Webex was one of them. According to me Adobe Connect (AC) is way more superior than Webex. You really cannot go wrong with AC.


          To answer your question "Yes" AC can do what you have asked below and more... much more.


          You will have to purchase AC and presenter. Presenter is your PPT application that you refer to in your email. It is here that you will create your quiz's and drag and drops. You will then publish it to AC. At this point you can use the Prezo (the published version of presenter) in a virtual classroom or as a Computer based training module.


          Other than these two products you do not have to purchase anything more, however you can purchase other products like Flash, Captivate, etc to make the experience a whole lot better.... BUT maybe leave that for in the future. With Presenter and AC you can accomplish what you are asking below.


          If you are going to purchase AC then the only other costs that I can foresee is the set up costs i.e. the server, bandwidth, domain name, but these are fees that you would have to pay for Webex as well. Other than this I do not think that there are any more costs ( O! Yes! the support or maintance fee per annum).


          Hope this answers your questions