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    Navigation control best practice


      After realizing that I can't dispatch a NavigationEvent through my mxml file, which I don't tend to configure in the context file, I used the presentation model to dispatch the event (see http://forums.adobe.com/message/2626422).


      However, I find it abusing to control navigation through the PM. It is not it's responsibility as I see it.

      I thought about using the ContentDestination class to do the job, configure it as a singleton parsley object, and inject it to the relevant mxml files.


      For example:

      package com.structures.main.presentation
           import com.adobe.cairngorm.navigation.NavigationEvent;
           import flash.events.EventDispatcher;
           [Event(name="navigateTo", type="com.adobe.cairngorm.navigation.NavigationEvent")]
           public class MainContentDestination extends EventDispatcher
                public static const BACK_OFFICE:String = "structures.backoffice";
                public static const LOGIN:String = "structures.login";
                public function navigateTo(destination:String):void{



      Any insights about it?