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    Button flash with hotmail or MS Outlook 2007




      I make a html newsletter that I send by mail, In the html page there's a button flash made with flash CS4. When I send by email, and the receiver mail is hotmail or MS Outlook 2007, the button doesn't appears, there's no a message, nothing. I would like to know Why ?


      The html code where I add the button is that:



      <object classid="clsid:clsid:" height="31" width="57">
      <param name="flashvars" value="url=html://www.mydomain.com" />
      <param name="src" value="images/boletines/buttonflash.swf" /><embed height="31" width="57" src="images/boletines/botonmas.swf" flashvars="url=html://www.mydomain.com"></embed>



      Thanks in advance !