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    AIR 1.1 vs AIR 1.5 problem with z

    Ana G. Pino


      This is my problem, I am developing a software with AIR, until now I was publishing it with AIR 1.1 and since I upgraded Flash CS4 to version 10.0.2 I can only publish with 1.5 and here is where my problems started.


      I have a class that inherits from MovieClip where I had created a z property (with its function get and function set), apparently now this property is used by MovieClip and it is in conflict with my code.


      I tried using override but it says that it is illigal. so I changed the name of the functions to depth but when I run the program it still says that my class is illegaly overriding the function when there is no more metion to z anymore.


      Does anybody know why this is?

      Is there any solution?


      If not how can I publish with AIR 1.1?