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    Any clues re the flex 4 release? And some comments.


      My trial of flash builder 4 expired months ago. I'm not going to buy flex builder 3 in the interim. It means I've lost any momentum I had with flex. I hope flex 4 will be released soon so that I can get some more exposure - I liked flash builder 4 a lot. Because I lost my ability to twiddle the beta, I've been spending my time with silverlight instead.


      I like a lot of things that adobe is doing with flex but I do have some suggestions.


      I'd let people download and use the beta versions and provide free extensions, so that you don't have potential customers go cold on you. I don't get a lot of time to experiment with new technology stacks, and the trial period goes by very fast.


      Make the extension process bulletproof. I have a friend that is mostly about oracle but is learning php etc at a community college. On my recommendation he got a copy of the edu flex and ran it a bit. When it expired he requested an ext key and it never arrived. He posted here about that, and wrote to Vera (she said to do that), but nothing. So he's probably gone.


      I'm coming from the .net side of things and from my perspective there is less material geared towards getting data into flex from .net than there could be. I am not sure how likely .net devs are to consider flex vs silverlight etc, but the easier you can make it, the better.


      I have really been wanting to pick up flex (for ages really) and flex 4 looks like a version that would be fun to work with...but silverlight has been coming together quite rapidly. It's easier to experiment with silverlight than it is with flex...I think that is regretable.


      Side note, the name change to flash builder 4 feels like a real goof, for the reasons noted in many converstations here.


      Are there any indications of when flex 4 is to be released? I'd have something to look forward to, at least <g>.

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          Not sure if this is a wrist-slappable comment, but there is this wonderful thing called virtualbox, You set up your environment install your beta and away you go another 60 days of play.


          I am sure Adobe's plans to release FB4 are now in high gear, fortunately they don't do the M$ trick of announcing a release date then delivering 18 months later, I would not be surprised if a release date was given soon hopefully with a release date for this quarter.


          DCD is a new thing and will evolve, its up to the community to push for the enhancements they want added to the FB environment.


          The market place is big enough for both flex and silverlight, I just hope that both products maintain their own identities, as a developer its nice to have choices, i'm not interested in product wars i just want products that encourage me to be a better developer.


          The name change, honestly I wasn't happy with it but then I wasn't happy when my girlfriend changed her hair color, funny thing is blonde or brunette made no difference to her saying not tonight, and when I open flashbuilder i'm still a flex developer so nothing for me has really changed at all.



          Anyway don't give up on flashbuilder, I think it's worth the wait.



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            Thanks for the input. I considered vbox but wasn't sure that flash builder 4 would run fast enough in that context. I'm building a new dev workstation box today and that might help; in any case it'll be able to host a new trial.


            But anyways, I still think it'd be smarter if Adobe made access the betas simpler. I am sure they have reasons for the choices they've made; this is input for them to consider.


            I like what you wrote about the name change <g>.