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    anybody want to create an 11.5 projector?


      Hey All,


      I'm having issues with an MX 2004 projector that I've created (on a Mac running OS 10.5) to run on a kiosk computer running Snow Leopard (OS 10.6). The projector seems to run (I believe Rosetta has been installed), but some Quicktime movies I'm running in the interface seem to be running rather choppy. I'd hoped to download an 11.5 trial and create a new projector and see if that fixed that problem, but Adobe has decided the trial shouldn't be fully functioning.


      I REALLY don't want to pay for the upgrade without knowing if this will fix the problem. Whats confusing is that some of the videos run fine, and some run poorly. I'm happy to pay for the 11.5 director upgrade if I know it's going to fix the problem, if anyone wants to volunteer some time to publish a DIR file to a mac projector for me to test, I'd sure appreciate it.




      dan m