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    ActiveX warning

    Eric Jurg Level 1

      OK, total noob Flash question: I've created a slide show on the Flash timeline and published it to a SWF file. When I post it on a website using IE, I'm being asked by the browser for permission to load an ActiveX program before it will play back, which, if course I don't want prospective viewers to deal with. I'm not encountering this on other people's Flash sites.


      I know I could probably disable this warning in the browser preferences, but because I don't see this on other Flash-based sites, I presume it is avoidable.


      Is it because I'm publishing, and not exporting a movie, and Flash must download a player? Doesn't the Flash plug-in support playing SWF files without downloading executibles?

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          Eric Jurg Level 1

          OK, I've found what seems to be a solution:



          Is there any more up-to-date info regarding this? Would I still be better off making a movie?

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            waterdad568 Level 3

            Your issue sounds more like your publishing a newer version of flash(swf), that may be requiring a newer version of the player. Update your player and your browser to the latest versions. Active X content and Flash require a player for the browser, Flash player typically, newer file versions sometimes require newer version players to run properly, and Active X content permissions need to be allowed and are dictated by the users system, player and browser settings. The link your reading is a workaround mostly for older browsers, most newer version browsers do not require it anymore, SWFObject.js or simply using the code flash provides when you publish with html, is a better solution. Other than updating your(their) browser and flash plugins, you can't force active content the user does not allow, nor can you force someone to update their players or browsers.

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              Eric Jurg Level 1

              Thanks for the reply. My Flash plug-in is up-to-date (I'm on XP/SP2/IE7). This still doesn't explain why I can display other website's Flash content without this issue (ActiveX warning). I haven't (knowingly) disabled ActiveX content, so this must be a default setting. I have tried incorporating SWFobject.js, but  still get the ActiveX warning.

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                waterdad568 Level 3

                Your OS version and service pack is not the latest:




                Your browser is not the latest:




                Which leads me to believe your player may also not be the latest:




                And if that is the case, as I described, your published flash and flash detection may be requiring a later flash, 10 for example, and the player version that you have is 9 etc.


                Check within your Flash IDE file/publish settings/Flash tab, for the version you are requiring of the user.