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    Mouse.hide: how can I get my cursor back reliably when it leaves the SWF?

    Dizz Hicks

      I'm Mouse.hiding and using a custom cursor for the entire area of my SWF, but when I move the mouse off the SWF the normal system cursor does not return until it changes to another state (for example, a pointy finger).


      I'm imagining this is a common problem, but I can't find a solution.


      Here's my (pretty standard, it seems) code:


      this.onMouseMove = function() {

      if (_xmouse>5 && _xmouse<595 && _ymouse>5 &&_ymouse<595) {


      pen._x = _xmouse;

      pen._y = _ymouse;

      } else {




      You'll notice I've tried the 5px-border Mouse.show region and onMouseMove for (apparently) faster reactions, neither of which cut it either.
      My frame rate is 40fps.
      Thanks in advance!