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    Looking For A Good Tutorial That Shows How To Redirect A Form Page.




      Attached is a mock up of the Home Recipes Page on the site I'm building. When a user clicks on one of the categories (Desserts, Drinks, etc), I want them to be able to go to the Main Page for that category, on which will appear the recipes that have already been posted by them or someone else. Also on the Main Page, I want them to be able to click on a button that takes them to a page on which they can enter a recipe. There are four fields on the "Enter Page;" Recipe Title, Ingredients, Preparation, Serves How Many.


      Does anyone know of a good tutorial that would help me accomplish what I'm trying to do, and/or answer some of the questions I have?


      1. For the page on which they use to post a recipe (in the process of building this one), is that named something like enterDesserts?


      2. For the page on which the already posted recipes appear, do I name it something like postedDesserts?

           2.a. I know I'll have to create a container div on the "posted" page for each of the four fields on the "enter" page, but how do I direct the  

           information that's entered into the proper div?


      Thank you!



      Example 18-03-15.jpg