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    PProCS4 Export crash (any format)


      Hey dear community,


      temporarily I am working on my new website. A few minutes ago I tried to export my latest short animation with Premiere Pro 4.2.1 but everytime I select my timeline and go to File/Export/Media... Premiere stops working. There is no message it just hangs up and I cannot click anything. Then it stays in this state till I quit the program by Task Manager. This is not the first time I encounter problems with media export. When I try to export a movie with AECS4 and select h.264 the Media Encoder crashes. Same with normal Quicktime.

      Strangely I didn't change Hard- or Software since I exported my last file in December.


      My PC


      Intel Q6600

      4GB 1066 DDR2

      MSI P45 neo3-fr

      XFX GTX260

      Windows 7 Ult. 64Bit

      Adobe CS4 Production Prem.


      Thank you for any help! Best regards


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Since AME (Adobe Media Exporter) can be launched as a stand-alone, what happens if you launch it from the desktop?


          Also, are you running as Administrator?


          Good luck,



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            dzisign Level 1

            The Media Encoder launches and I have to paste a file, but unfortunately I cannot drop my *.prproj . I never rendered the final movie to a single file... It was directly added to a DVD by Dynamic Link.

            Yes I am running everything as administrator.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Open AME. Go to File/Add Premiere Pro Sequence and select your Project. Wait a bit for the sequences to appear, then select the sequence you want to encode.

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                dzisign Level 1

                Hey Harm Millaard,


                unfortunately this doesn't really work either. I can add the sequence but when I try to change "Preset" the Media Encoder GUI will turn grey and I cannot click anything. So I've to stop the process to close AME. Any other suggestion?



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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  First of all, I would not call QuiRckTime normal. Many hate it and will not install it, unless absolutely necessary.


                  Have a look here: Some suggestions... and answer at least the 16 questions at the end of the Wiki article.

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                    dzisign Level 1

                    Hi Harm Millaard,


                    here my answers to the 16 questions:


                    1. The codecs used in your source clip: Quicktime movie (codec: QT Animation (RLE)), Wave audio file PCM Codec (44100Hz  1411 kb/s tot (2 chnls))
                    2. Premiere Pro
                      1. Version number: 4.2.1
                      2. Installation language: English
                      3. Updates applied: all released
                      4. Project/sequence settings: 1920x1080px, 25fps, 48kHz Stereo
                    3. Operating System
                      1. Name: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
                      2. Update/patch level: latest
                      3. Installed language: Multi installed, German in use
                      4. Display resolution and color depth.1920x1080px 32bit
                    4. CPU type and speed: Intel C2Quad 6600 3Ghz
                    5. Amount of memory (RAM): 2x 2GB Corsair Dominator 1066
                    6. Video card
                      1. Manufacturer: XFX (NVIDIA)
                      2. Model: GTX260
                      3. Driver version: (Date: 20.11.2009
                    7. Number of monitors (displays) in use: 1
                    8. Audio card
                      1. Manufacturer: esi
                      2. Model: Maya44 USB
                      3. Driver version: latest
                    9. Each hard drive's capacity and space remaining
                      1. Disk setup: HDD1 free space (C(system):1.64/24.3GB; D:10,9/78,1GB; E:9.5/130GB); HDD2 (X:18.5/24.4GB; Y(Adobe Cache lies here):58.7/124GB) no raid
                    10. Hardware capture device /
                      1. Manufacturer /
                      2. Model /
                      3. Driver version number /
                    11. Capture software /
                      1. Name /
                      2. Company /
                      3. Version /
                    12. Comprehensive list of third-party plug-ins you installed: I think none.
                    13. Exact text of any error messages: No messages appear. GUI turns grey and non-clickable. 
                    14. Explain clearly what you want to do, what you are doing and what the result is: I want to export my Sequence 2 with edited *.mov file as *.flv file for my website or as final of any format to convert it to *.flv later. When selecting Sequence 2 and clicking on File/Export/Media... the error (see 13) occurs. Same happens when opening the *.prproj with AME and trying to change export settings.
                    15. Be sure to mention if it is something that worked before using  the same procedure: The changing of F4V/FLV settings always worked before.
                    16. Very importantly: Post details of troubleshooting you have  already done to avoid "did that" reponses to questions people ask when  trying to help.

                              I asked you for help.



                    I hope I gave you all neccessary information. Thank you for your effort.

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      Thanks for all the info. It helped enormously. Your disk setup is causing these crashes. You have partitioned your HDD 1 into C, D and E. Your C partition is almost full and due to the use of temp files, can not handle these temp files. That causes the crashes.


                      What you need to do is start with a complete fresh install of OS and programs, but this time without any partitions, both on your HDD1 and HDD2. Maybe add a HDD3 while you are at it. That gives you the added space to move files from your current partitions to the new drive and later move them back to where you want them without losing valuable data.

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                        dzisign Level 1



                        thank you for your advice. I wonder why Windows doesn't tell me of too little free space as it normally does. And why do what temp files crash the program? What temps are used to edit export settings? I don't get the reason

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          PrPro produces large working files. These are necessary for the program to do almost anything, especially for Export.


                          HDD real estate is essential. Filling up HDD's is never good, as it can contribute to complete failure. Also, when one gets over around 75%, performance will suffer. Also, any Partitions will degrade performance, as the OS "thinks" that it's dealing with multiple, physical HDD's, and cannot imagine why it's taking so long - the first law of physics is that a single object (HDD's heads) can be in only one place at the same time (HDD's platters).


                          Do take Harm's advice to heart. He knows his stuff, and his suggestions will help you in every way. You will be amazed how well things work (so long as you do not have other problems).


                          Good luck,



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                            dzisign Level 1

                            Wow, alright then =) This will be a loooong night

                            I always thought partitions help the system in pre-arrangeing files. A friend of mine told me that it's faster if you give one partition to the OS and at least one for your own data. So thank you all for your patience and help. Cookies for everyone

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                              Harm Millaard Level 7

                              Have you ever noticed the time it takes for AME to start encoding? That is because it creates temp files on your C drive, in order to allow you to continue working with PR while the encoding takes place. Once the encoding is finished, it removes these temp files, but they can be huge and that is the one thing you are lacking, free space.

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9
                                A friend of mine told me that it's faster if you give one partition to the OS and at least one for your own data.


                                Your friend had a great concept, but made one very big mistake. Had they replaced "partition," with "physical HDD," then they would have been right on track.


                                In Harm's suggested HDD layout, you'd do something like this:


                                C:\ OS, programs, probably Page File (Windows Virtual Memory)

                                D:\ Project w/ Scratch Disks

                                E:\ Media files and all Assets


                                Note: those are physical HDD's, and NOT partitions. Partitions really mess things up, and often badly.


                                Good luck,



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                                  dzisign Level 1

                                  Ok, thanks again for the information

                                  As saving all my data will take a long time and I need my video as fast as possible I have another question. Is there a command in Premiere to automatically collect all files used in the *.prproj file in one folder? I only know such a command in Ableton Live, yet. When this is possible I can render my video on my MBPro.


                                  Best regards

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    Check out the Project Manager. It should be able to do just what you want. There are choices to make, in the dialog screens. If you go with "Trimmed Clips," make sure to include Handles, so you can come back and do work with Transitions later. Explore the Help file for Project Manager. As I do not have CS4, I do not want to muddy the waters, and tell you some setting that might be different in CS4.


                                    Good luck,



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                                      dzisign Level 1

                                      Alright, thanks! I'll check the settings later =)

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                                        dzisign Level 1



                                        Finally, I formatted my drives 2 weeks ago. I still didn't copy all my old data to the HDDs. I'm unsure about the drive setup, again . Until now I have two drives:


                                        HDD1 OS+Software 250GB

                                        HDD2 for now: didn't decided on most efficient usage


                                        For a few days, I'm thinking of building a RAID with two WD6400AADS with 640GB. Firstly, I thought of RAID 0 for improved performance but depending on the data the drives contain a RAID 1 configuration might be more interesting. When I use RAID 0 I'd backup my data on 1TB LaCie Internet Space (unfortunately quite low transfer rate resulting in long "copy-phases".


                                        So my question: What should a RAID 0 / RAID 1 configuration contain? Project files (PR,AE,Maya,...) or media files?


                                        I often render large files and re-use them in AE or PR. So how to boost up my performance?


                                        Any other HDD suggestions (configs,models,sizes) are welcome =) Thank you!


                                        Take care


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                                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                                          Reread # 12. That is my suggestion and no raids with this many disks.