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    Practical 'LOCAL' home page ??

    dan hop

      I've created a home page on my local computer that opens when I start my browser (Firefox).


      It has links to each of the internet pages that I frequently visit.


      One of the links is to my ISP email page where my email is normallyl recieved.


      After I check my email on-line and discard the junk...

      I open my local email application (Entourage) and download the remaining email.


      I want to put a link on my local home page that will open my local email application so I can download the unread email from the online source.


      Having difficulty figuring out how to get my web browser to open the application 'Entourage' on my local computer.


      I do not want to move the Entourage application to the Dreamweaver site root.


      Tried moving an 'Alias' of Entourage to the site root - didin't work.

      Tried moving a 'copy' of Entourage to the site root - didn't work.


      Any tips?



      dan h


      Mac OS X 1.5.8

      DW CS4

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          mhollis55 Level 4

          Rather than do your two-step process, why not just check your mail in entourage? For spam, get Spam Sieve and you will never see spam again, once you have it trained. That way you're not doing a two-step process.


          I purchased the application about four years ago. It was the best $30 I ever spent.


          By the way, Entourage will go away with the next release of Microsoft Office. Microsoft plans to switch Mac users over to Outlook. I don't know if Spam Sieve will work with it, but I would imagine it will.